Full time off grid

Full time off grid
with world leading reliability

Sure! Run your cottage and charge your electric car! That’s the power of the bird!This is one area BobolinkSolar really excels. We build the latest and greatest systems. And we thank the tremendous support we receive from our suppliers, other researchers, and our customers. We’re working to build the best; and we are getting a lot of help from many, many people. Cheers!

These systems are built and designed to offer decades of reliable service. In many cases our off grid systems have proven more reliable, with a better sine wave, then the grid.

Due to time constraints: Limited qty for 2019. We have 1 large system available in our build cycle for this year. Out of 7. Yup. We’re busy.


We build them robust, everything is done right.

This system is a Schneider / Victron combo. The latest and best in CSA approved goodness.

Run your cottage or home, charge your electric car, use a heat pump, wood pellet stove, all normal appliances.

What you get with BobolinkSolar is actual off grid performance. We do not believe in shortcuts or second rate when it comes to full time off grid. Expect the very best. No sales gimmicks. Just proven systems, knowledgeable designs, reliable service.

All systems are custom built

Sample system

(Systems from $11k; $15 is the average)
  • PowerWings (18kWh of usable storage! LG Chem cells) lithium battery modules (includes BobolinkSolar’s exclusive custom wiring harness and new RedWing BMS).
  • Solar control: Choose from Schnieder MPPT 600/80 or Victron 250/85 or /100. (All links open in a new tab).
  • Inverter/charger: Schneider 4048 SW OR Victron Quattro inverter/charger(s) with internet monitoring (up to 60kw inverter strings are now possible)
  • Solar panels/racking : 3 to 25 kw solar. Supply varies
  • Complete BOS battery bus bar; Solar combiner box/w dc rated circuit breaker(s); custom whips, battery cables, inverter/controller cables
  • Assembly assistance/labour
  • available shipping and installation. 
  • you build or our electrician does.

Contact Kelvin for your build!