Full time off grid

Full time off grid
with world leading performance


The Golden Eagle system is built and designed to offer decades of reliable service. We build to a very high standard. Everything is ESA compliant. 

Our systems use the latest tech. Schneider SW and XW+. Victron Quattro. We use Victron solar controllers for the advanced MPPT algorithm. Fuses, breakers, wiring. We really work hard to build the world’s finest systems.

Currently we are building 4 to 6kw inverters matched with 70-100 amps of solar charge (3 to 5kw of solar panel) on an 18 to 25kwh lithium battery pack. All our batteries for larger systems are 48v.

For those that don’t speak solar tech; that’s fairly big. Suitable for larger cottages and small multi-unit camps.

Our lithium battery packs are what sets us apart. We are 1/3 to 1/2 the cost on lithium. And its done right. The new “BlueBird” BMS is world class.

We build them robust, everything is done right.

This early system is a Schneider / Victron combo. The latest and best in CSA approved goodness.

Run your cottage or home, charge your electric car, use a heat pump, wood pellet stove, all normal appliances. The lithium battery pack changes off grid performance. The exceptionally low resistance means large draw appliances, once forbidden to off grid solar users, are now the new normal.

What you get with BobolinkSolar is actual off grid performance. We do not believe in shortcuts or second rate when it comes to full time off grid. Expect the very best. No sales gimmicks. Just proven systems, affordable designs, reliable service.

Our systems also receive continual improvements. Recently, to conform with ESA approval, we have added switched battery modules. And, as of June 10, 2019; we have upgraded our Battery Management to include contactor disconnects.

Again with the geek talk! But what it means is our systems are safer. We are very careful to build solid reliable systems that will work for you and your family for decades to come.

All systems are custom built

Sample system

(Systems from $11k; $15 is the average)
  • PowerWings (18kWh of usable storage! LG Chem cells) lithium battery modules (includes BobolinkSolar’s exclusive custom wiring harness and new RedWing BMS).
  • Solar control: Choose from Schnieder MPPT 600/80 or Victron 250/85 or /100. (All links open in a new tab).
  • Inverter/charger: Schneider 4048 SW OR Victron Quattro inverter/charger(s) with internet monitoring and control
  • Solar panels/racking : 3 to 25 kw solar. Supply varies
  • Complete BOS battery bus bar; Solar combiner box/w dc rated circuit breaker(s); custom whips, battery cables, inverter/controller cables
  • Assembly assistance/labour
  • available shipping and installation. 
  • you build or our electrician does.

Contact Kelvin for your build!