Full time off grid

What’s new 2023

New highly expandable, split phase power with PowerWall battery. The 2023 systems are cUL approved, have easy wifi monitoring and much more. These systems rule the off grid world. DIY or electrician installed; consult programs available.

BobolinkSolar’s new systems bring a new level of joy to off grid power.

High output bifacial solar panels, expandable split phase inverters with ease of use built in, Lifepo4 batteries that bring never before seen lifespan and efficiency; all creating 2023’s off grid power system.

BobolinkSolar has remained committed to improving our solar systems since day one. We know that today’s tech means tomorrow’s peace of mind.

So why BobolinkSolar? Price, safety, ease of use, faster installation. Remember, we started our off grid solar life in 2011. What we build is tested not just on a bench, but in the real world.

Key new features

  • All-in-one inverters bring the brains to off grid home power. You get so much so easily.
  • Bigger, smarter batteries bring gobs of storage with higher safety and easier monitoring.
  • Talk to each other: the new inverters and batteries talk to each other for easy programming and long term reliability.
  • Easy monitoring and control. The new interface is available right from your phone.
  • Split phase — Real home power.
    Yes, split phase has been around before; but not this easy to implement.
  • 80 amp solar controllers with higher voltage. More amperage and higher voltage means bigger solar arrays.
  • Multiple MPPT (2 to 4 built in) means you can have two or more arrays each in a different location
  • and high voltage (up to 450v) means solar arrays can be up to 1,000ft/300m from your home.
  • Easy expansion. Bought an electric car and need more anything? Easily done with BobolinkSolar’s careful system design.
  • Reduced install and maintenance cost. Easier install saves time. New batteries means higher safety and no maintenance. Remote monitoring saves installer costs.
  • Solar, battery and generator power can all be used, in any proportion, at once. That’s huge.
  • Remember, all in one means fewer pieces. Lower complexity. Hugely reduced install time.
  • cETL, cUL, etc.
  • BobolinkSolar experience. Remember; our solar experience goes back to 2011. Since 2016 we’ve built only lithium based battery systems.
  • REAL off grid experience. REAL knowledge of what’s important. That’s why hundreds of families have trusted BobolinkSolar.
grow it

Whether for a small home in a rural location; or a large home with small industrial workshop; our 2023 home power systems are a beautiful combination of power, price, longevity, and ease of use.

Powerwall or rack mount

Expand your battery from 14.33 to a staggering 300kwh. A single Powerwall is suitable for a mid-sized 4 season home. Two, combined with a larger inverter, lets you run heat pumps and other high draw appliances. Charge an electric car. No problem.

Smarter inverters

The new “transformerless” inverters offer ultra clean power with excellent reactivity and superior efficiency. They also scale well. The inverters talk to each other, they talk to the battery; this means lower cost, faster, easy installs; easy monitoring, increased safety and reliability.

Single phase for smaller home and cottage; split phase for mid-size and large; 3 phase for small industrial use.

Code approved

cUL. 1973. 9450a. These are just acronyms to everyone but your electrician and ESA inspector. Then they’re the law. Give your electrical installer and inspector a break. Give them easy equipment and installs to pass.

Our goal has always been 25 year service life. Lithium batteries certainly helped. There has also been continual improvement; inverters have become more robust for less money; solar controllers algorithms are so much better; managing charging and distribution easier; bluetooth/wifi reporting improve user experience. Solar panels are not just improved in efficiency (16 when I started is now over 21%). And EVERYTHING has dropped in price.

Only and ever lithium batteries

The biggest change over the 12 years Kelvin has been building solar: batteries. Lead gave way to lithium. High lithium battery prices spawned a “crashed electric car” revolution which Kelvin led (he’s the most surprised). That revolution has given way to the new Lifepo4. These are not just higher capacity, but they come pre-assembled inside a metal box, breaker, BMS. More reliable. Easier to use. Faster to install. Safer. They even “talk” to the inverter now.

Kelvin’s BobolinkSolar systems have continually improved reliability, ease of use, safety; while dropping in price. Huzzah.