The BobolinkSolar Grey Owl is
ideal for 3 season cottages

This is our second most popular off grid system. The reason? Its powerful, low maintenance, ultra reliable and brings unbeatable price vs power along with an easy install and no real maintenance.

Oh, and its expandable.

Note: Because our battery stock is limited, we recommend booking well in advance. Pre-purchasing your battery as stock becomes available is recommended.

Lithium batteries make our systems unbeatable. Remember, your lithium battery has the lowest cost per cycle; but more importantly; is 20% more efficient in charging and discharging. Along with our new BlueBIRD BMS solution and our 4 years of installation and use experience, we deliver today’s best value.

Why all Victron?

  • Victron solar controllers have an ultra fast dual stage MPPT algorithm. This means better shade handling and superior ability to maximize panel harvest under changing conditions; all resulting in a higher harvest all year round.
  • Victron inverters not only bring proven longevity, they are so well designed and robust. The numbers look smaller but they actually out “grunt” larger inverters due to the powerful “torodial” technology.
  • Programmable: One of the nicest features of the new equipment is that the bits talk to each other and you. Programming Victron equipment is fast, easy and safe. And it helps ensure your investment is protected. Plus its fun to look at the charts and graphs.
  • In this class, you can’t pay less for the features, reliability or performance. You can however pay more.

This system supports multiple devices: dishwasher; induction cook top; energy star fridge up to 18cuft.; tv; internet; lights; etc. Well suited for 3 seasons; add our BlackWING charger with your small generator for 4 season/late fall use. (Full timers; ask about load sharing with smaller generators).

This is the system for those who value a trouble free life. These systems are designed from step one to be tougher, more reliable and easier to manage. They will last for a decade or longer without bother. One of the benefits of BobolinkSolar — we want to build 25 year systems and we’re getting there. We believe our systems will prove more reliable than any other available.

Ready for your system? Start here!

Sample system: From $5.75k

Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 150/35 with custom charge profile. Includes app, updated to latest firmware.

We finished testing these units in 2017. Wow. Super easy to configure. Really accurate measurements. Outstanding performance. App lets you view a 30 day production history in chart form. Very cool. CSA/UL approved.

Key Benefits

  • ultra-fast mppt tracking. This allows it to compensate for shading in a way no other controller in its class can.
  • Programming and monitoring over Bluetooth is neat too!
  • Victron reliability 
  • 5 year warranty!

Victron Inverters Victron 1200

Robust, configurable through the Bluetooth app, proven. We love these inverters. Tough enough for Bobolink!

Key benefits

  • These are the proven reliable inverter
  • Remarkable 3x surge handling
  • 94% efficient
  • Torodial hybrid (more oomph for a longer time)
  • Bluetooth voltage control and monitoring!
  • 5 year warranty. Best in the business!

PowerWings SESS with exclusive BobolinkSolar harness

4.25kwh of lithium based solar energy storage. Superb efficiency. World class manufacture with NMC technology. Expand to your heart’s content; today or tomorrow.

Key Benefits of PowerWings lithium batteries

  • Your system is 20% more efficient with lithium!
  • Far superior charge / discharge efficiency
  • Lower maintenance
  • Safer
  • Far longer life span (30 years or more)
  • Smaller, lighter, space saving
  • No toxic gas venting!
  • They make your system super fly.
  • YellowBird harness (included);
  • New BlueBIRD BMS
  • 6 month full exchange warranty. 7 year prorated! 

MonoPERC Solar Panels

60 Cell 305 black on black designer modules. Up to 18% efficient at the module (over 20 at the cell).

Key benefits

  • 60 cell high efficiency == good grief, we’ve had reports of up to 344w / panel. The PERC effect!
  • 40 lbs
  • 39×65″
  • 25 year warranty

BOS: Balance of system: Our systems come complete. All wiring. Fuses. Etc. Designed right!

  • Marine rated for off grid reliability
  • Now with 100a CSA battery bus bar with circuit breakers per module as well as terminal w/fuse (300a)
  • solar combiner box with dc rated 20a circuit breakers (expandable)
  • ALL relevant wiring from: panels to combiner box; combiner to solar controller; Controller to battery switch; Switch to battery bus; Battery bus to battery; Battery to monitor; monitor to inverter. Anything I’ve forgotten to mention. All carefully designed. Wiring sourced to be the very best for its use. YES. We use High Strand wire.
  • Tested, designed, proven.
Custom cables cut to the length you need. Fully CSA RPVU! Underground burial rated.
  • a set of IKEA instructions (kidding, Bobolink assembly instructions of course. Have you read the site? More words, fewer drawings of people with question marks over their heads).

More is more. And our systems, now in dozens of cottages, are proven reliable and low maintenance. Let the decades roll on!