BobolinkSolar offers a range of services.


Kelvin Hodges is our main consultant. Kelvin has helped hundreds of people improve, design and build off grid solar systems. His rates are 75 US$/hr. And it usually takes him 1 to 4 hours depending on the uniqueness of your solar install.

The main advantages of using our consulting service are

  • Time. Get it done faster.
  • Done right! Kelvin ensures you get the right stuff.
    Solar can be complex. There are many issues, many finicky points that need to be considered.  With your BobolinkSolar consultant (ie. Kelvin) you know you’re getting an experienced, proven, reliable source of information. And Today’s Reliable Solar.
  • Savings. The ability to buy your equipment anywhere, even used, you can save big bucks.
Site visits now available

To help folks get their solar installs rolling faster Kelvin now offers site visits.

Yes, we charge a fee. Typically around $150 /cad. We do a google earth survey. We come to your site and look at what, where and when you’re building your solar system. We discuss the many options with you. And we give you a short precis of the work required to help you see the options and costs available to you. Including a solar survey that checks your panel location options against the actual sun position. Its pretty neat.

(Note: We charge a fee to keep overhead for our customers low. Its part of why we have lower prices.)

Many folks are surprised by the range of options. Did you know you can place your solar panels 300m / 800ft from your home no problem? Kelvin finds interesting that site visits are one of his most popular service requests.

Ask for a site visit here


BobolinkSolar is offering an updated solar assembly service. While we specialize in DIY kits it can be advantageous to have a solar assembly guy do some of the pre-assembly for you.

Some of our assembly projects include:

  • System boards
  • Battery packs
  • BMS boards


We install

  • battery packs
  • system boards
  • software/firmware updates
Coming soon (installer applications wanted!)
  • solar panel installation
  • racking installation
  • complete system installation


Our repair service is available to customers who purchased equipment from us. We offer this service because we sell equipment that doesn’t break down.

We may offer service on other equipment as the need arises. However, as of early 2018, you are better off consulting your original supplier.

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