Grid tied

Grid tied with netmetering systems

BobolinkSolar is actively developing grid tied and netmetering systems. If you’re looking for a system like this please contact us and join the group. This is an exclusive opportunity for qualified candidates only. And we have an important news announcement pending.

The netmetering group is growing. And we’re making slow but steady progress on the install sheets.

What we’ve discovered so far
How to start

Contact Hydro through the homeowner. Hydro is being very good about grid tie installs. They enjoy talking with homeowners and approvals are fast. It is useful to have an idea of the size of your array and make that clear at application.

CALL THEM FIRST! Here’s the HydroOne contact info

For customers interested in applying for the Net Metering program or existing Net Metering customers wishing to upgrade or change to a different program or in need of a study agreement, please contact our Business Customer Centre at 1-877-447-4412 or prior to submitting a completed Form C – Micro Generation Connection Application (for projects 10 kW or less in size) or a Form B – Connection Impact Assessment Form (for projects greater than 10 kW in size). Please visit the Distributed Generation web page to access those forms.


It will be more cost effective if we identify 1 build type (roof mount to 5kw inverter ) with 1 variable (3 or 5 kw solar array). What do you think about this? 5kw solar will make many homes self-sufficient. We are looking for an install cost of $2/w. 

What about charging an electric car?

Yup. A bigger array would be useful. We’re working on cost here though. So this will depend on roof type. Now if you have a barn or open field!

If you’d like to join us we ask you to take a moment to fill out this form

Thank you for working with us to improve the planet!
And save everyone money. smile.
The time is now.