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  • Solar training day

    Solar training day

    Eight residents of the Lanark area attend a NABCEP accredited solar installation program

  • Is the canary calling?

    Is the canary calling?

    What are the birds telling us? As the son of a biologist and a determined nature lover I have been watching the plight of the insectivores with some concern. Since 2010 we’ve all seen the decline of these flying bug eating birds. For me the problem really came home in 2014 when my own small…

  • Become a solar super star — Build!

    Become a solar super star — Build!

    Bobolink men and women build Our first panel customer already has a solar system running his freezer, computer and other home appliances. Now he’s adding another string to save even more money. No power outages is a benefit too. Solar builders sing the praises of Lower electricity costs Manages time of day restrictions Improves energy security Working…

  • How do you fight climate change?

    How do you fight climate change?

    The time is now You fight climate damage by changing habits We made this mess one drop of oil at a time. We clean it up one electron of solar at a time.

  • Why Bobolink? The JEE hypothesis

    Saying no to nuclear and debt Let’s be honest. Bobolinksolar is located in Ontario. A region of the world that is consistently rated at the top of “great places to live” indexes. So why is Ontario 18th on the investment index? Why do entrepreneurs not flock to this highly educated, beautifully built, connected to nature…