About Sue and Kelvin

Welcome to BobolinkSolar

BobolinkSolar started February 2017 as an idea from the mind of Kelvin Hodges

2019 update: Lots of new updates and install improvements. Kelvin very busy. More batteries now in stock. Whew! Thank you for your continued support.

Welcome friends. Sue and I met in 2015. Sue has 2.5kw of grid tied solar and 2 solar thermal panels; I have 2kw of off grid solar and a home built solar thermal panel. What a great match.

The kids on holiday. Florida 2016.
Finding great solar equipment at the right price

One of the early stories Sue and I shared was how difficult it had been to find good solar equipment.  Especially for small installs. We were both left asking “Where is the leading edge? How do you balance lowering costs vs quality and lifespan.” We didn’t have answers.

So in 2017 we started BobolinkSolar. We were going to find answers. Build systems with those interested in new equipment, using the latest technology while looking for longer trouble free lifespans.

Our record so far

BobolinkSolar was the first to introduce lower cost lithium battery storage (SESS or solar energy storage systems). We’ve had solar racking deals and blow out solar panel bargains. We’ve price matched on Victron equipment even against US online bargain shoppes; And we continue to research new and better solutions, picking up deals as we can.

Our SESS is probably the best available for small cabins. And our lithium knowledge is unbeatable. We don’t do it alone. Working with others has helped us bring you improved solar solutions. For 2019 we introduce the BlueBIRD BMS as an example of how we continue to improve our systems. Our smarter lower cost lithium SESS is due to the help of researchers and builders from around the world. Thanks to their hard work you get more.

Remember, we’re committed and living solar. This site is built using solar power. Kelvin has 9 years of actual living off grid on solar experience to draw on. Developing and installing a lithium SESS in 2016. Sue has 10 years of grid tied solar. If you wonder why our solutions are so meticulously detailed and robustly built; its because they have to be. First hand experience is a pretty good thing to ask of your system builder if you’re looking at any solar system in 2019.

Thanks for joining us. Check back often as we are growing and expanding our offerings. Expect big and exciting things continuing into 2019. We welcome feedback and if you see any equipment you think we should be promoting or selling. Let us know.

Please remember. The time is now.

Peace and happiness
Kelvin and Sue

About BobolinkSolar, the name

The bird with the word on solar

First, Sue wants me to remind you, smile, its pronounced:
bob-o-link solar

About Bobolinks in general

Part of Sue and I’s commitment to our green future is maintaining 6 acres of forest, field and stream habitat for Bobolink nesting habitat (and other birds and bees).

Bobolinks are these cool little birds that fly up from South America to nest in our Canadian farm fields. Once they were on the endangered list. Today they are returning in numbers. Why? Because a few people pointed out that if farmers delay hay field harvest at the end of June for just a few days, until the baby Bobolinks are fledged and flying, why they’ll get better hay and the Bobolinks will be happier too.

This tiny behavioural change; merely delaying hay harvest for a few days, saved the Bobolink. Proof that we can change our behaviours and make a difference to the environment. Its really not that hard.

This is how we feel about solar power too. A little change in behaviour; and we eliminate a lot of waste, slash CO2 emissions and make the energy grid more robust and cheaper.

Electric cars. Warmer homes. Solar is bringing us freedom, independence and a better tomorrow for our children. While lowering our costs and increasing our ability to responsibly create and use energy.

The fact that we can assure electric power for our home and at a price now said to be lower than the cost of power from the grid.

Yup. The time really is now. You’re welcome to join us.