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  • DIY solar guide

    DIY solar guide

    Simplified solar schematic and guide Free quick and easy template for better solar design

  • How much power will I make?

    PVwatts is a fun solar calculator Go to the solar PVwatts calculator now! Want to know how much power your solar array will make? Just check out PVwatts. This NREL sponsored PV calculator will let you calculate your electron gathering capacity anywhere in the world. Check your home. Check your holiday home. Have fun! See…

  • Online Solar Tools

    SmA online┬ásolar designer software http://www.sunnydesignweb.com/sdweb/#/Home This online software does it all. Put in your panels, your location, your dreams and aspirations. Very cool. Morningstar has nice solar panel string calculator http://string-calculator.morningstarcorp.com/ Input your panel voltage/amp output Your charge controller values Nah, you don’t have to pick their equipment. you can put in your own or…