BobolinkSolar is the new Canadian distributor for QNBBM balancers

The first RedWing BMS is finalized and ready for shipping.

 After first testing and then building Canada’s first repurposed Volt NMC active balancing units we were delighted to find the QNBBM product was so very efficient and effective.

Other BMS solutions were looked at. Some are almost as good. Those ones had high prices. Others, designed more for the bike market, though often very cheap, simply were not robust enough. We needed to have a balancer that would work for decades, not months or years. The QNBBM has both a moderate price and excellent reliability, the highest efficiency tested, and ease of use.

Last week, the manufacturer asked us if we would distribute their product in Canada. We were happy to say yes.

New extended product line

This means we will be carrying the 1S modules for smaller, diy packs. As well as the 4S, 5S and 8S modules becoming available later in the year. We will continue to assemble completed systems to go along with our SESS (solar energy storage systems).

QNBBM advantage
A test 1S setup. Note the coloured lights indicting what cells the balancers are working on. Useful for testing.

The advantage of the QNBBM is that it was designed for the automotive market. The balancers are essentially very simple. They try to do one job and do that one job well.

With a proven lifespan over 10 years and a highly efficient solid state manufacture there really is nothing better for our SESS in 2017. The active balancing is a very efficient method of balancing. We prefer using the inverter and solar controller to manage the overcharge/overdischarge functions. This means that we don’t have duplicated effort and increased complexity/points of failure.

That’s why we chose this topology for our Leaf/Volt/Focus based repurposed battery packs. (Yes. Another first for BobolinkSolar. We are in the process of repurposing our first Focus Electric battery pack).

We really are working very hard to build only the best solar systems. While keeping our eye on the bottom line.

Thank-you everyone for joining us on this adventure. We look forward to more exciting news in the very very near future.

Kelvin and Sue

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