March 13th on Lake 88

Note: There are now 3 talks available. Scroll down this rather long page to find them all. Special thanks to Lake 88.1 in Perth and Brian Jenkins. This radio station is a real asset to our community.

MARCH 13: Don and Kelvin look at the specific technology a large net-zero home uses with a focus on ventilation.

The show runs on Lake 88.1 March 13 from 8 to 9 a.m. It should be another very useful and informative show. So tune in!

Electric homes and technology with Don MacKenzie and Kelvin Hodges

In our first talk Don MacKenzie and I go over some of the base concepts and technologies that surround building an all electric house.

Solar power

Kelvin met with Brian Perkins on Lake 88.1 to talk solar power Saturday, August 31 and again October 5.

“It’s a very fast 50 minutes. Wow it goes by quick,” said Kelvin. “The first show we looked at what solar offers in cost savings and took a couple of calls. The second show we get more into the detail of what technology is involved.”

“And what a pleasure to meet the crew down there. Brian was great, articulate, informed and passionate about the need to move forward on climate regeneration.”

Kelvin and Brian discussed a variety of solar issues: from lithium batteries, to the dropping price of solar power.

“One message I want folks to understand is that the value is there for solar. You will save money, big money; make Ontario’s grid more robust; and improve the future by reducing CO2,” said Kelvin.

“To contact Hydro One about your eligibility for Net Metering call 1 877-447-4412 and use Option 2,” said Kelvin. “We’re excited about grid tie. It makes real financial sense.”

“Well done,” chimed in Brian after the show.

“Nice talk,” said Sue, Kelvin’s girlfriend. A sentiment echoed over the weeks following as more and more listeners chimed in.

“I’d really like to thank Brian for his support and interest in the issues surrounding climate change. Solar power in particular. I started BobolinkSolar to save the bees and birds. So its really wonderful to meet the many folks who are just as committed. Brian and Lake 88; really shows what a great resource for Perth and area they are. And in so many ways. Thanks again Brian,” said Kelvin.

To hear the interviews without commercials:

October 5

Kelvin talks more about specific technologies for moving home regeneration forward.

October – Part 1
October – Part 2
October – Part 3
October – Part 4
October – Part 5

August 31

Kelvin talks more generally about lithium batteries, solar and the money you save by taking control of your home energy creation. Plus, callers!

August – Part 1
August – Part 2
August – Part 3
August – Part 4
August – Part 5


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    Just lisitened to your show on All-About-the-House on Lake 88.1. Very informative. (I did make a recording)


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