5 and 10 off grid build

This build follows the replacement of an older off grid solar system.

Key benefits

  • improved system efficiency. From 65% round trip to 95.
  • greater solar output
  • clean pure sine wave of a modern inverter runs all home appliances and is easy on motors.
  • less maintenance. The new Lifepo4 battery needs no maintenance.
  • high reliability. No operational concerns for another 20 years.
  • better reporting. The system is designed to talk to itself and monitor its use and behaviour. Want to listen in? Wifi reporting allows easy access to system status, from anywhere.
  • increased efficiency means less generator time in the winter.

Key system elements

  • New transformerless inverter topology means unparalleled reliability and flexibility.
    • 5kw single phase 120v
  • Latest Lifepo4 battery is the safest and longest lived battery available today for home power use.
    • 5.1 kwh battery with R485 reporting. Two modules.
  • New inverter and battery communication reduces installer headaches and improves ease of use.
  • Doubled solar panel output with bifacial panel. This new technology reduces winter solar loss from 16% due to snow/cloud to 8. Bifacial panels melt snow off faster as a result of back panel warming. Add 50-100w of power off the back panel. Snow albedo becomes your friend.
    • 450w. 4 panel array. 550w winter?

Equipment at the shippers door.
Why change it?

The older system was extremely well built. One of the best I’ve seen. So why change it out?

  • modified sine wave inverter doesn’t run clothes washer. Note: Square wave sine signals are very hard on motors. Owners report short fridge lifespans.
  • batteries at end of life
  • solar array capacity is low and needs a winter boost
  • customer also wishes to have a lower maintenance system

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