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A message from Creek

Bobolinksolar’s job is to bring you the latest solar equipment for off grid, grid tied and self consumption at a good price.

I’ve been living off grid for 6 years now. I’ve generated mega watts of power. I’ve pushed the envelope of small but sturdy systems that deliver great value to the home owner. I’ve had to. That home owner is me.

Sue’s grid tied. She sells to the grid and gets her cheque. Whle she knows the hassles of hiring installers, electricians, red tape; She’s also created 4 times the power I have. And heats most of her hot water with the sun. Cashed those checks.

The joy of solar

We know the joys of solar. Free power! Free heat! All CO2 free! Sure there’s the installation struggle. However its nothing compared to the joy of DOING SOMETHING. This about more than waving a flag. Or posing next to Sue’s Prius. Its about leaving a legacy. Changing tomorrow.

Bobolinksolar is about active solutions.

Our goal is to build systems with 25 year lifespans

That’s right. We want to build systems that offer far longer lifespans. And, yes, 25 years is our goal. And yes. For each and every component, including storage batteries. We’re almost there. So remember my promise to you. The latest tech. Yup. And reliable stuff from proven manufacturers.

  • You’ll see me add a lot of suppliers from Europe. They’re doing a better job.
  • You’ll see a lot of new ideas. For instance, I don’t sell, nor do I recommend, anyone buy a lead acid battery pack. AGM or FLA. Lead is dead. Okay. Some of the tubular batteries are okay. And there are some newer carbon-lead batteries. Maybe I should say “ye olde lead is dead.”

So I hope you’ll take time to contact me with your questions. And you’ll visit here whether you need ideas, info, solutions or gear.

I’ll be doing my best to keep up with the rapid innovation in the industry and presenting it here. Whether I sell it or not. I’m also committed to bringing you “position papers” that outline developments and strategies for better solar.

My promise to you is “good stuff, reliability first, backed to the hilt.”

Thanks for dropping by.

Kelvin Hodges
Chief solar guy

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