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  • Our January speaking schedule

    Our January speaking schedule

    Kelvin Hodges speaks on new renewable energy solutions. Two chances to learn more. Drop by a radio show or join a Sustainability seminar.

  • Top 10 questions we get asked

    Top 10 questions we get asked

    Top questions we get asked. Looking for who, what, when, where, why or how? Find the answer here.

  • Kinetic in the house!

    Kinetic in the house!

    Adjustable Kinetic racking now shipping Archie and Henry from Kinetic were kind enough to give Sue and I the tour of their facility and show off the new seasonal adjustable racking system they’ve developed. Learn more about this system here.

  • Building solar, a workshop!

    Building solar, a workshop!

    Learn to calculate, implement and build solar systems with Kelvin’s solar workshop

  • Tiny Home Solar Talk

    Tiny Home Solar Talk

    Packed room … Kelvin’s jokes … Tiny House solar!

  • New Yo Power W10 inverter review

    New Yo Power W10 inverter review

    New Yo Power W10 inverter makes a great first impression As most folks know, I’m a big fan of “new.” And Hefei Yo Power Technology has a new “hybrid” inverter. Some of you also know I’ve been waiting for the new hybrid inverters to come out for some time. So what do I think? Yo Power…

  • Using your RedWing BMS

    Using your RedWing BMS

    How to install and use a RedWing BMS Watch the movie! To download click here:  BMSinstallquick This movie shows the install for rev 1 harness along with a RedWing BMS. The harness is now in rev2 with improved plugs. Insertion is now easy and straight forward. RedWing BMS installation instructions for 48v Chevy Volt modules:…

  • New RedWing BMS now available

    New RedWing BMS now available

    RedWing BMS brings improved safety and lithium pack longevity to our PowerWing lineup Our RedWing BMS for off grid lithium battery packs is now available for shipping. The modules are currently available in 12S for Volt derived systems and 14S for Leaf based packs. 6S for 24v packs soon to come. See our product listing…

  • One happy BobolinkSolar car

    One happy BobolinkSolar car

    What do BobolinkSolar folks do with their systems? How about charge their electric car!

  • October’s news: New BMS and Brad joins the flock

    October’s news: New BMS and Brad joins the flock

    Great news: Brad joins the team! I’m super happy to have met Brad, his wife Mary, and just a few days ago, Basil, their new son. Brad is joining us here at BobolinkSolar to do installs and improve customer response time. When I started this company I hadn’t realized I was doing such a good…