Our January speaking schedule

Hi Everyone,

As most of you know your support helps Kelvin advocate for renewable energy and green technology.

My speaking schedule for January is a pretty full one. First off: I’m an expert presenter.

On January 30 at 1:30 as part of the SMARTNet Sustainability Showcase

Kelvin Hodges, solar advocate, green energy entrepreneur and off grid catalyst, the person who pioneered lithium energy storage for off grid, will give  a 20 minute presentation offering a very up to the minute description of what you need for off grid life with a look at where the technology will be going in the years ahead.
This presentation is at 1:30 January 30 as part of the Virtual Sustainability Showcase sponsored by the SMARTNetAlliance.
See SMARTNet Sustainability Showcase at smartnetalliance.ca to register.
There are many other speakers and panels. An excellent resource.

January 23, Kelvin Hodges and Don MacKenzie talk green tech on Lake 88.1

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