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24v small cabin RV special for 2021

Hi Everyone. We were able to find a very small amount of 24v LIFEPO4 batteries assembled here in Ontario for use in Grey Owl solar energy systems for small camps and RVs.

Therefor we will be selling the Grey Owl this year. It will come in two variants.

The 2×2

This system comes with

  • Victron MultiPlus Compact 2kw inverter/charger.
  • A 2 kwh battery.
  • 2 solar panels,
  • Victron 100/20 solar controller.
  • And ALL the various small bits and bobs that add up to a complete off grid system.

And its slightly bigger brother

The 2×4

This system comes with all the stuff above but a bigger battery; 4kwh; more solar – 3 panels, a bigger solar controller, 150/35. And the various bits and bobs that add up to a complete off grid system. Optional 3kw inverter/charger.


Only equipment that is suited for a high vibration environment should ever be used for RVs. This means Victron. Sorry. We’ve seen lots of others, some quite good. But if you’re building for reliability, service life, and ease of use. BobolinkSolar sez: Victron baby.


And when they’re gone; that’s it for small solar systems from BobolinkSolar for 2021.

To be fair. Last year we didn’t sell the Grey Owl due to battery limitations. So count yourselves lucky. This is an absolute beauty system. And you will not be able to find anything close to this quality regardless of price.

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Yes, we want your super system!


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