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  • Tiny house or RV

    Tiny house or RV

    — new for 2021 — 24v super system is here

  • Big power for FULL Time

    Big power for FULL Time

    Need “full time” off grid 2022 brings a NEW system

  • Victron rolls out new 250v controllers

    Victron rolls out new 250v controllers

    The Victron 250v solar controller lineup soars 60 and 70 amp SmartSolar models now available The advantage to the 250v solar controllers are two fold. One, you can run more panels in series. This reduces costs/setup time. And in some circumstance allows for more panels to be installed in a given space. Two, you can […]

  • System in a drawer

    Neatest solar solution ever? Discover BobolinkSolar 3 season packages

  • Victron CSA certification

    Victron CSA certification

    CSA approval is here and we applaud their work BobolinkSolar is pleased to announce the first round of CSA approval for Victron products has arrived. Further certification is in progress and will arrive before Christmas. Huzzah! Press release from 7/24/2017 follows:

  • Off grid solar and Schneider SW

    Off grid solar and Schneider SW

    Our first Schneider SW series build

  • Victron pricing 2020

    Victron pricing 2020

    Introducing Victron solar products 2020 Or, why we love Victron solar equipment when building alternative grids  4 Key benefits Ease of use. These systems are controlled with your phone. Monitor, adjust, start, stop. All with a tap of the icon.  Reporting reporting reporting. To maintain a solar system its unbelievably handy to have reports on […]

  • First! The new Victron 250/85 is in

    We promised the latest and greatest Here is Sue showing off what we’ve been told is North America’s first Victron 250/85 solar controller. We will, of course, be testing and configuring the solar controller before shipping it to our customer. That’s what we do now. We pre-test and confirm the normal operation of all shipped […]