Free online resources

Free online help

We’re here to help. The information we provide here at is a free resource. We’ve posted links to useful resources. We’re working to get our information sheets done and online. But it’s work. So keep coming back … we’re adding tips, tricks and neat suppliers every week.

Our systems are also good examples to use as a base. We hope this info helps you make informed decisions.

Yes, quotes are free

If you know what you want, talk to us for a free quote. If something is wonky, we’ll help out. If you need answers, we’re there for you.

We do ask you remember that part of our role is providing services and products at a lower margin. Being both a very small company, Kelvin and Sue, and to avoid having to pass excess costs on to our customers (friends), we ask those, especially in the early planning phase, to consider hiring one of our consultants. You’ll get a better system faster.

Consultant available

Our consulting super star, Kelvin Hodges, is available at just $95/hr.  With a spring special, 4 hours for $299 Canadian (that’s just 240 US!). Thank you for your support of BobolinkSolar.

All happiness.

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