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  • Sustainability Showcase PDF

    January 30 off grid solar presentation by Kelvin Hodges

  • Solar training day

    Solar training day

    Eight residents of the Lanark area attend a NABCEP accredited solar installation program

  • 10 reasons our lithium battery solution rules!

    10 reasons our lithium battery solution rules!

    The new lithium batteries for off grid solar absolutely rule the roost. For many reasons: 3x longer lifespan than lead; no maintenance!; 20% higher efficiency (like making your solar system 20% more effective for free); lowest cost of ownership; turns your solar system into a super power solution … and much more. And BobolinkSolar battery…

  • Is 2019 the best year yet for off grid solar?

    Is 2019 the best year yet for off grid solar?

    Yes, off grid solar made real strides forward this year The new lithium batteries (like our PowerWING) really improve the efficiency of today’s solar system. 20%! I know. And, while we introduced these in 2017, this year we are announcing our new BlueBIRD BMS. Shiny graphics and bar charts! Plus solid balancing and improved safety.…

  • October’s news: New BMS and Brad joins the flock

    October’s news: New BMS and Brad joins the flock

    Great news: Brad joins the team! I’m super happy to have met Brad, his wife Mary, and just a few days ago, Basil, their new son. Brad is joining us here at BobolinkSolar to do installs and improve customer response time. When I started this company I hadn’t realized I was doing such a good…

  • Exclusive: Custom PowerWings lithium battery cables

    Exclusive: Custom PowerWings lithium battery cables

    BobolinkSolar is please to announce new custom cabling for our SESS solution Our PowerWings lithium Solar Energy Storage System (SESS) solution just got better. With new, exclusive, custom cabling, we bring stronger, smarter battery management to all our customers. Well. That’s what we’re working at here. Better solutions. Safer, smarter, stronger. Thank you for your…

  • Victron CSA certification

    Victron CSA certification

    CSA approval is here and we applaud their work BobolinkSolar is pleased to announce the first round of CSA approval for Victron products has arrived. Further certification is in progress and will arrive before Christmas. Huzzah! Press release from 7/24/2017 follows:

  • CNBOU inverter first tests

    CNBOU comes out clean We are huge fans of the European inverters. Still, the world’s manufacturing is improving fast. With a real cost difference, we thought it might be a good idea to test one of the Chinese contenders. Introducing the CNBOU inverter test

  • DIY solar guide

    DIY solar guide

    Simplified solar schematic and guide Free quick and easy template for better solar design

  • Free online resources

    Free online resources

    Free online help We’re here to help. The information we provide here at is a free resource. We’ve posted links to useful resources. We’re working to get our information sheets done and online. But it’s work. So keep coming back … we’re adding tips, tricks and neat suppliers every week. Our systems are also good…