Exclusive: Custom PowerWings lithium battery cables

BobolinkSolar is please to announce new custom cabling for our SESS solution

Our PowerWings lithium Solar Energy Storage System (SESS) solution just got better. With new, exclusive, custom cabling, we bring stronger, smarter battery management to all our customers.

Well. That’s what we’re working at here. Better solutions. Safer, smarter, stronger.

The PCB allows us to add up to 9 modules together. Allowing some 20kw of power to be linked safely. Huzzah!

Thank you for your support!

Keep coming back. Even more news coming in the weeks ahead.

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    • The battery harness is $50. These are custom so the time to assemble does add up. The PCB allowing you to join even more modules is also $50. Again, custom. So the time to solder etc. The advantage is you gain up to 12 modules through the PCB; which ties together all the cells. Our new BMS will run $500US/$600cad. Hope this helps.

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